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Phase II Trial of SMO/ AKT/ NF2/CDK Inhibitors in Progressive Meningiomas with SMO/ AKT/ NF2/CDK Pathway Mutations




A071401 is reopened to new patient enrollment, effective September 21, 2021, with the implementation of Update 12.

Effective immediately on 02/07/18, pre-registration (Step 0) and registration (Step 1) to A071401 have been temporarily suspended. The manufacturer of the investigational agent vismodegib has discontinued provision to new patients on A071401. Therefore, effectively immediately, the SMO/PTCH1 Grade I and SMO/PTCH1 Grade II/III cohorts on A071401 are closed to new patient registration (Step 1).

The A071401 NF2 Grade I and NF2 Grade II/III cohorts have met their accrual goals. Therefore, EFFECTIVE 07/19/17, no new patients may register (Step 1) to the NF2 Grade I or Grade II/III cohorts.