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Cancer Control and Prevention Protocols

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Brain, Brain Metastatic, Breast, Breast Metastatic, Carcinoid Metastatic, Cervical Metastatic, Colon Metastatic, Endometrial Metastatic, Esophageal Metastatic, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Gynecologic, Head and Neck Metastatic, Lung, Lung - Non-Small Cell Metastatic, Metastatic Melanoma, Neuroendocrine, Pancreatic Metastatic, Prostate Metastatic, Rectal Metastatic, Renal Metastatic, Skin, Stomach Metastatic


New, Open

A Randomized Phase III Trial of Olanzapine Versus Megestrol Acetate for Cancer-Associated Anorexia


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