SWOG S2013

Primary Category:

Treatment Protocols

Disease Category:

Adjuvant Breast, Anal, Bladder, Breast, Breast DCIS, Breast Metastatic, Breast Neoadjuvant, Cervical, Cholangiocarcinoma, Colon, Colon Metastatic, Esophageal, Esophageal Metastatic, Gallbladder, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Gynecologic, Head and Neck, Head and Neck Metastatic, Liver, Lung, Lung - Non-Small Cell, Lung - Non-Small Cell Metastatic, Lung - Small Cell, Lung - Small Cell Extensive Stage, Lung - Small Cell Limited Stage, Lymphoma, Melanoma, Metastatic Melanoma, Pancreatic, Pancreatic Metastatic, Rectal, Rectal Metastatic, Renal, Renal Metastatic, Skin, Small Bowel, Stomach, Stomach Metastatic


Temporarily Closed

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Toxicity (I-CHECKIT): A Prospective Observational Study

Eligible for screening study DCP 001

S2013 is temporarily closed to accrual on May 6, 2024 effective 12pm Pacific Time.